💜October 2nd- I’ll always PICC you💜

With blown vein after blown vein, Lennyn a human pin cushion yesterday, and two weeks of antibiotics that need to be administered, we consented to a PICC line to be placed, well attempted to be placed i should say. She’s really that hard of a stick. 3 pounds ago, Countryside was unable to get one in for her but today the Peds Picc team was successful. THANK GOD! She is pretty zonked out from the procedure as they gave her some pain meds to relax her. They moved her down to a cpap from the vent and she’s doing really well with her breathing. Her stats look great. She looks great even passed out. Nice and pink, just what we like to see. We walked in to a pretty funny sight to see. Lennyn recently has decided she HATES her feet covered in blankets. Since she started feeling better she would cry or make billy goat sounding noises if she was swaddled too tight and she couldn’t kick her feet out. Well, the nurses are on to this. We came in tonight to her snug as a bug, with multiple blankets, but with her feet free 😂 already a brat and making the nurses work FOR HER. She didn’t gain any weight, still 6 pounds 11 ounces, so they’re going to fortify my breast Milk until she gains what she was supposed to since Friday. Preemie size gains is what we have today and we will take each of them gladly. Slowly climbing out of this NICU hole Lennyn decided she wanted to explore.

Fun facts:

•She has had 5 rooms since birth. 2 at Countryside and 3 here. We are really getting a full tour of each NICU wing of these hospitals.

•We’ve been at St Joe’s for exactly 3 weeks and our Sunpass bill is over $150 dollars. Might start a raffle to see how high it gets to by the time we’re discharged. Start placing bets now 😂😂😂 Winner gets a #LennynStrong shirt.

#hydrocephalus #preemiepower #teamnoshunt #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries #hydrocephaluswarrior #niculife #trailblazer

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