Answers and uncertainties

Lennyn update: Lennyn had another EEG today. Wednesday’s episode was so large, it’s still showing on her EEG. There was no current seizure activity but there were indications of a recent large event. There was also slowing around her shunt. She’s slowly coming back to life. A seizure of any magnitude really takes a lot […]

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Over it

This poor kid is OVER it. Hopefully after today she can get a much deserved break from all the bs. As you can tell she was THRILLED to be leaving #lennynstrong #hydrowarrior #nomorebs #nomoreseizures 🧠 🌺 @ Pediatric Epilepsy & Neurology Specialists

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Thank you thank you thank you for sending an enormous amount of love Lenn’s way. I’m trying to respond to everyone as fast as possible. She has been through A LOT and is pretty traumatized from flying on a helicopter with a bunch of strangers, being poked a million times because she’s the hardest stick, […]

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Lennyn was bayflighted to St Joseph’s tonight after what appeared to be a seizure, violent vomiting, and episodes of not breathing, saturation’s in the 70s and HR in the 200s. It appears that her shunt may have failed causing her to seize and stop breathing. We’re waiting for them to sedate her and take her […]

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Happy Birthday

We made it and man were there times this year that we thought we’d never get here. One year ago today, Lennyn Marie Lyons made her dramatic entrance into this world 10 weeks early and at 4 pounds 4 ounces. Since then she has completely changed our world for the better. In one year Lenn […]

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11 months!!!

Holy moly folks! We’re only one month shy of a year! How on Earth is that even possible?! This month brought us lots of hugs and kisses, the word stinky, belly laughs, stronger arms, and a Cerebral Palsy diagnosis. Regardless of what diagnosis you have, you continue to beat the odds and set the bar […]

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So, I didn’t think I would ever have to address anything like this but I’m just going to put it out there so if anyone else was feeling like they needed to bring me to light, we can squash it now. 😉 1. Let’s start with the obvious- If you barely know me, don’t point […]