Seth and I went to the Hard Rock tonight, to celebrate the closing of a big chapter of our lives. As we were walking out, some asshole walked up on us, trying to provoke and snickered, “you going to comply when they try to take our guns away, too?!”. Literally have never been heckled for wearing a mask before.

What this prick didn’t know, or care to know, is we wear masks because we have a baby who is extremely vulnerable when it comes to any illness, especially respiratory ones.

Before Covid was even a thing, we wore masks during flu season to protect her. We’ve seen what a head cold does to her. We’ve held her little hand while she was on a vent due to illness. We’ve seen her code due to illness. We’ve been forced to have conversations about what we’re going to do if she doesn’t pull through this time. I wish we had a “normal” kid. More than anything in the world.

Seeing your baby fight off death more than once really puts life into perspective and the inconvenience of wearing a mask is hardly an inconvenience if it means we are less likely to bring something home to her.

It cost zero fucking dollars to be a decent human being and mind your own God damn business.

A 🐑

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