Set backs

Seems like every time we let our guard down just for a second, get a little comfortable, Lennyn’s health just goes 👇🏻.

Todays been full of seizures, tests, doctors appointments, and a non related, possible autism diagnosis- because you know, CP, Hydrocephalus, and Epilepsy just isn’t enough for our gal.

Honestly, we couldn’t care less about her having Autism. We couldn’t care less about her having CP. These things do not define her. Hydrocephalus and Epilepsy that is uncontrolled is no joke. Not being able to guarantee your child’s safety and their future, as a parent, is earth shattering and heart breaking.

Please keep our family, especially our bug, in your prayers. This kid needs a break. No 2 year old should have to go through the amount of shit this sweet baby has gone through since the day she was born. #LennynStrong

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