Here we go again.

Prayers for this #hydrowarrior. Our MRI didn’t go as planned today and we will be checking into St. Joseph’s Children’s in the morning for our 4th brain surgery. We are spending tonight home as a family and as you can see, Lennyn is letting us know that she’s brave and can handle anything, including a shunt. Im so sorry Lennyn. We tried so hard for another way.

#lennynstrong #nomorebs #bestillmyheart

It never gets easier saying goodbye to Ava when we’re headed off for our trips at the hospital. I’m so proud of how brave she is, too. I have the bravest girls in the world.

3 thoughts on “Here we go again.

  1. Glamma can see from the new pics that our little 🎃 Is still “new boot goofin'” and I love that….. and still laffin’. Hoping all goes better than well with surgery and we can ALL spend New Years together happy and especially HEALTHY!!😘😘


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