October 31-Busy Baby

First let’s recap this week: Occupational Therapy stresses how important it is for us to be doing tummy time at home. Just after a few sessions, we got this:

May not seem like much to the average eye but this is HUGE. We need to be constantly working and stretching her muscles to fight against stiffening. We’re REALLY proud of her progress but we NEED to stay on it.

Also, one word, Jeans:

Lennyn wore jeans this week. This alone needed to be noted.

Baby Gap has never looked so good.

Now today:

Lennyn has had a VERY BUSY day today and boy does it show now that we’re home.

Our physical therapy eval was today. Looks like a swallow study will be ordered in our near future. Lennyn did well and was very feisty. She performed as if she was newborn age (because she’s supposed to be a newborn- not two months). It’s becoming apparent that she is favoring positioning her head to one one side and we need to actively work on this so her muscles don’t stiffen and she ends up stuck like that.

We saw Dr. Haridas for the first time since we were discharged from the NICU. Lennyn’s head size has not changed (just the amount of double chins) and an MRI has been ordered for 11/16. He said he was really happy with how her fontanel felt and he’s really optimistic about her prognosis. Lennyn is getting a helmet for a few months! Safety first! From laying on her back for so long in the NICU, the back of her head is flat (side note- if you have babies at home, back to sleep but when you’re awake and monitoring your baby, get some time in laying on each side. If you have a baby in the hospital MAKE SURE they are rotating your baby! Your baby is on monitors- there’s no reason to always be on their back when they are closely monitored. I wish I would of pushed this more) and this helmet will reshape her skull while its still able to be molded. She should only need it for a short amount of time. I’m already thinking about a bow business for helmets since Lenn is known for her bows. This could be lucrative. Once I figure out how to manage her site, maybe I’ll open an Etsy shop 😂

Big sis is out trick or treating with her best friend and Seth and I are ordering some delivery and walking around the neighborhood with the baby for a little because we’re getting fat. Mike and Molly. Relationship goals.

We hope everyone has a safe Halloween and we will update y’all after the Hydrocephalus walk on Saturday!! 💜

As always, #lennynstrong, baby.

7 thoughts on “October 31-Busy Baby

  1. I love this and will be looking forward to reading her journey. What a great way for us to be updated for you to get a little expressive therapy❤️❤️❤️

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  2. great job Lennyn and Mommy she is so beautiful and happy you liked the gifts that Traci and I sent for her. stay strong you are both doing a great job.Can’t wait to meet her in March ( Hopefully I will be at Bill & Brenda’s for a week and will be able to come for a visit )

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  3. GLAMma Pat says CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! AND…..my baby punkin’ is one tough, strong little cookie 🍪!!! Definitely NOT like her GLAMma!!😘😘


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