💜October 25th – I’ll pencil you in💜

Lennyn had her first OT appointment today. She decided to sleep the majority of the appointment. As you can see she is really doing her part to fight against Cerebral Palsy 😂. Can you put playing opossum on a resume? I swore to the therapist that she does more than this. Lennyn will be going to OT 2 times a week moving forward. This is ordered for the first 6 months and then we will eval and increase or decrease our visits per her needs. We mine as well move in to Johns Hopkins. Thus far we’re there once a week for speech, 2 times a week for occupational therapy, and we haven’t even done our PT eval yet!l (next week). I had to go out and get a planner because the amount of appointments is insane but so necessary. I also want to shout out to all moms (have been fortunate enough to connect with a few rockstars via social media through these updates) that have babies or children with special needs. Being a mom is tough in itself. Add in disability and it’s a WHOLE other playing field. BE PROUD. BE KIND TO YOURSELF. GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK. You all are the baddest bitches, baddest queens out there and are SLAYING at providing for your kingdom. It’s tiring. I’m only two months in and Lennyn has only been home for a week and I’m questioning my sanity and running on full autopilot. Y’all are heros and seeing your day to days and hearing about your journey gives me hope for ours.

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