💜October 24 – Early to the party💜

Crazy to think that’s she already been through as much as she has the last 8.5 weeks. SHE IS THE DEFINITION OF FIERCE. Also, I’d like to mention that if I went full term I would of been HUGE. We’re still adjusting. Life with Lennyn isn’t like life with any baby. Lennyn is scary. Not really sure how any of us are functioning at this point with the lack of sleep from worry and homecoming. Poor Seth must be really feeling it today now that he’s back to work. Lennyn went to her first feeding therapy appointment today. She’s been choking pretty bad at least once a day and that follows with her not breathing for a moment. They want us to sideline her and she seems to be responding well. They also want her monitor on while she feeds. She had a pretty bad episode while we were at our appointment. Instead of Lennyn eating what she wants when she wants (all she wants to do is sleep) we have to stick to a strict 3-4 hour schedule at no more 70 mls. When she takes bigger feeds she doesn’t want to eat for the rest of the day and then when she does want to eat she inhales her bottle and stops breathing. We will be going to feeding therapy at least 1 time a week for the next 6 months and reevaluate from there. She has her first OT appointment tomorrow. Eager to see what that schedule will look like. Throw in PT, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Cardiology, and her pediatrician appointments – not really sure how I’m going to go back to work full time. More things Seth and I have to iron out. Lenn has been really sleepy the last 2 days. This is what we seen when her ventricles were swelling and her fluid wasn’t draining. Monday can not get here soon enough. I’m dying to get her in to her neurosurgeon for our MRI to see how surgery is holding up. Praying like no other that she will not need any more brain surgeries. In other news, this week is Ava week. We have surprised her every day with something special and an activity that just pertains to her and Seth and I or Her and I only. She’s loving the overdue, much needed one on one time ❤️ Will update again soon. #lennynstrong

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