💜October 9th-Slow recovery💜

Today is rough for Lennyn. She is still intubated as they are sedating her for a follow up MRI this afternoon and she will need the assistance breathing. She’s miserable. She’s pissed about the tube and in pain. Yesterday was rough for obvious reasons, today is just as rough because she is awake and visibly uncomfortable. Team just gave her some morphine in hopes she will fall back to sleep until it’s time to go down stairs. Praying to God for an easier night than morning.

#preemiepower #hydrocephaluswarrior #hydrocephalus #trailblazer #niculife #lennynstrong #macropreemie #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries #preemiebaby #preemie #preemiestrong #girlsrule #teamnoshunt #etv #cpc #neurosurgery @ St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital

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