Loved 💜

This one is going to be lengthy so sit tight: Last night our dart family held a #LennynStrong dart run for our miracle baby. We are still speechless. The amount of love and support you have given us and our daughters is astounding. Here’s the thing with Pasco Darts, there is NO other dart crew like ours. We don’t just play together, we’re literally family and last night goes to show that. We may have some bullshit drama here and there but we’re there for each other and truly a force to be reckoned with. Ava is blown away with how many people she had never met, love her and Lennyn has no idea just how big her family really is. Thank you just is not an adequate enough word to explain how thankful, humbled, and moved we are. The BIGGEST thanks to Kristal Sedlak and Odie Coheley. You already know what you mean to us. They don’t make many people like you two and We are honored that you are in our girls lives. We love you. Thanks to Julio Rodriguez and Richard Otts for doing the damn thing. We hold you two so near and dear to our hearts. You’re our brothers and we cherish y’all. Mike JM and Nicole Braden- blown away. Selling T-shirt’s like they were going out of style. Your T-shirt sales will get us to and from Tampa for almost 2 months, tolls and gas included. That is a HUGE burden taken off our shoulders. We love you guys so much. Nicole, we will get shit done and make sure our girls are taken care of when the dust settles. I’m in your corner just as much as you are in mine. 💓. Thanks to Port of Prints, Inc. for the shirts and everything else you guys are doing! We can’t wait til the dust settles to meet The Knights of Columbus members. To The King’s Seat Bar & Grill, Carol and Rogers Cricketers, Overtime Sports Bar, Shooters, and Scoreboard Sports Bar- we have so much love for these 5 establishments. You guys are all a home away from home. Some of our best nights have been with y’all and your staff. Thank you to the King and Queen of The King Seat (Tanja Taylor and Rodney Rodzilla Pryor)for coming out and supporting our family. Lennyn told us this morning that she beyond excited to be crowned The King Seat Princess. She has some big shoes to fill! Last but definitely not least thank you to EVERYONE that came out to either participate, pop in and see us, or just hang out to show your support. Our entire family thanks you and we’re so happy they got to meet the many of you last night. They are just as much blown away by it all and definitely get why darts are such a big part of our lives. I wish I could tag all of you but it was an overwhelming amount and Facebook has its limits. I really hope I’m not forgetting anyone. We are taking the warm and fuzzy feeling and LennynStrong movement and marching into surgery tomorrow ready because we have the BEST support system in the world and Lennyn is going to kick Hydrocephalus ASS!!!!!

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