💜October 7th – 6 weeks old💜

Busy day for Lennyn today. Her blood count was borderline low so she got a transfusion seeing she is having surgery tomorrow. Shes a hefty seven pounds and 5 ounces and wearing size 1 diapers now. She took an entire feed by bottle and was very awake for an hour and a half. Typical Lenn fashion to do new tricks hours before surgery. Father Lawrence came in and blessed her today and prayed for strength, healing, and assistance to her surgeons. Lennyn will go NPO at midnight and surgery is scheduled for 10:30 tomorrow morning. Ramp up those prayers, vibes, and thoughts Lennyn Army. Will keep you posted at some point tomorrow, even if it’s just a quick everything is ok update 💟


#preemiepower #hydrocephaluswarrior #hydrocephalus #trailblazer #niculife #hydrocephalusawareness #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries #secondtimesacharm #teamnoshunt #neurosurgery #nomore #etv #cpc #macropreemie @ St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital

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