💜October 5th-Radiating Love💜

Lennyn is full of smiles today. She is a hefty seven pounds. She was dropped to 2 liters at 21 percent on the cannula and is holding up just fine. She is headed for her MRI which will then be processed through stealth computer navigation (that’s literally what it’s called) for Dr.Haridas to map out her surgery for Monday. We have been scheduled for 10:30 am. Blows my mind how resilient she is. Not even 2 months old, just kicked sepsis ass, and is going in for a second operation on her brain. Our weekend will be spent at the hospital to get as much love in as possible before Monday. We will take a short break to make an appearance at our home bar, The King’s Seat Bar & Grill tomorrow for the LennynStrong Dart Run. My family will also be joining us. We can’t wait to see everyone. I haven’t seen the majority of ya’ll since July. Hugs, a beer, and ugly cries to be had. We are so appreciative of each and everyone of you. Lennyn has no idea just how big her family is. We are so blessed. I know I’ve said it over and over again, we are just blown away what everyone has done for her. The People’s Baby! #lennynstrong

#preemiepower #hydrocephaluswarrior #hydrocephalus #trailblazer #niculife #hydrocephalusawareness #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries #secondtimesacharm #teamnoshunt #neurosurgery #nomore #etv #cpc

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