💜October 4-Sister, Sister💜

Another quiet day in the NICU. It makes you nervous when you have a few quiet days. Your guard is effortlessly up at all times. Lennyn is 6 pounds and 15.5 ounces. Her cultures are still coming back great and it looks like this antibiotic regimen is getting this sepsis under control and out of her system. Her surgeon came in for a tap and took 20 mls from her reservoir. It looks like that we may be scheduled for surgery as soon as Monday. Lennyn was taken off her cpap and put back on a high flow cannula. She’s at 3 liters and 21 percent. Tomorrow she will go for an MRI to see what’s been going on for this last week that she’s been off the neuro treatment grid. Her rehab had started again. Because she is at such a high risk for cerebral palsy, it is crucial her muscles be worked on a regular basis. As the blood from her bleeds dissipates, the brain tissue grows PVL which is brain damage. We need to make sure that as this is happening we are being proactive so her muscles don’t stiffen and lose motion. Best part of the day was a house call from my preggo and sissy was reunited with her little today ❤️

#preemiepower #hydrocephaluswarrior #hydrocephalus #trailblazer #lennynstrong #teamnoshunt #niculife #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries

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