My baby

She’s seriously the most beautiful girl in the world. I long for these moments alone together. So much has changed the last few weeks, but one thing remains. This young lady made me a mom, was my first true love, showed me what it meant to fully give your heart to someone. She showed me how much someone could love me in return, how much someone could look up to me, how much someone could idolize me. I promise no one will ever love you like I do. I promise to love you forever and that you will always be my baby, my first baby. I promise that I will never overlook you or forget you. I promise to show you my love every single day. I promise to still be there when you need a hug, when you are sad and when you feel confused, or whenever you need me just because. And top off all of that, I’m so proud of you. You’ve sacrificed a birthday party because Lennyn decided to come early. You’ve been asked to share me with a tiny and sick human and you have been so gracious about it. You are so selfless. I admire your courage. I know you miss me. I know you miss it just being us. I promise this will get easier and each second that goes by, my love for you continues to grow even more. You will always be my partner and crime. Forever my baby you’ll be.


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