💜October 1st-Bandages for Days💜

After blowing yet another iv, the morning RN put a new one in too close to Lennyn’s reservoir and her surgeon was far from thrilled. Asked them to move it to the other side of her head, so we’re at the 3rd iv in her head in 24 hours 😞. She has little shaved spots all throughout her fuzzy little head. Her head is getting shaved for her next surgery (so it grows back even) so I’m trying to remind myself that this is just a smooth transition into that. If Britney can rock it, Lennyn can SLAY it. Nonetheless, these nurses need some cosmetology school because these hair cuts are bad. They’re also checking her blood gas and glucose so the poor babes is covered in bruises and bandaids. She was a lot more vocal today. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s getting closer to her due date, another 15 mls of fluid was pulled by Neurosurgery today, or if she’s just that over the last 48 hours. At first it was amazing to actually hear her sounding like a baby should, but by the end of the day it started breaking my heart. Thank God babies don’t remember their infant days because this kid has BEEN 👏 THROUGH 👏 IT 👏. More cultures were sent off today, including the fluid from her head to make absolute SURE this isn’t meningitis (they’re 99.9 percent sure it’s not but they’re testing her fluids again to be certain nothing else is growing in her head). She’s up to 25mls of breast milk and tolerating and she’s SLOWLY being weaned from the vent. Here’s To continuing to kick this infections ass.

#hydrocephaluswarrior #niculife #lennynstrong #preemieparents #nomorebs #nomorebrainsurgeries #teamnoshunt #trailblazer #preemiepower

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