September 29th- Set backs

Update: She is a little more stable right now but will remain on the Level 4 NICU floor until this infection is is identified and fully treated. They didn’t have to vent her but have set up a special iv that is connected to the vent the gives her some pressure but still allows her to breath on her own. She is on a high flow nasal Cannula on top of that. She has not stopped breathing in a few hours. They have her in a strong regime of antibiotics as well. She’s doing a lot better than she was at midnight. Tonight has been horrifying. You could hear the concern in the doctor and nurses voices. Hats off to St Joseph’s for taking immediate action and getting her stable so fast. We appreciate this team so much.

Original post:Man how things change so quickly. Heart is heavy for Lennyn tonight. Len was transferred to the critical floor of the nicu tonight as she started to stop breathing and her color was visibly changing. They ran labs and started precautionary antibiotics. Her CBC came back with an extremely high white blood cell count so they are treating her for an infection that has possibly gone septic. Lennyn was more at risk for these infections because of the amount of time she’s been in the nicu and because of the device in her head to withdraw the fluid on her brain. It’s basically an open wound because it hasn’t healed yet from surgery. Her breathing has gotten so bad they are getting ready to put her on a ventilator again. Trying to remind myself that at least let’s her rest so her body can fight this off. Her surgery has been canceled for Monday. If anyone reaches out to no avail this is why. Seth will be the best one to get in touch with today as right now he will be local from 1-6. Trying really hard to stay #lennynstrong tonight. Come on baby girl, you can do it.

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