💜September 29 – Unforeseen Setbacks💜

The last 12 hours have been quite the ride. Lennyn is really sick and you can tell just by looking at her that she is not well. Believe it or not, she actually looks better than she did 6 hours ago. She is now breathing through a noninvasive ventilator. She is more stable than she was hours ago, however if her saturation continues to drop below 85 they are going to fully intubate her. It is starting to appear as if this infection is coming from her brain due to the the white blood cell count from the tap they did yesterday. Doctor said we could be potentially be dealing with meningitis but we will not have the full picture until cultures are back on Monday. From there we will know an exact treatment plan. For now she is being treated with a broad spectrum of antibiotics that treat sepsis. This could potentially change our options for treatment of her Hydrocephalus. Everything is just up in the air on standby. In the meantime she is in an enclosed Incubator and just resting. We have made the conscious decision to step outside the box while she is resting and stable and let her fully rest. If the slightest bit changes her team will call us but they assured us that it was ok to go home for a little. We will head back up in a few hours to spend some time with her tonight. We are going to focus on every little small win we can during this major set back. Lennyn has already come so far we know she has the fight in her. With her army behind her, us showering her with love and good vibes to feed off of, and St. Joseph’s freaking ON TOP OF IT she has this. #lennynstrong

Seth Lyons Olivia Elise Mark Naab Rachael Fox Brenda Morrisey McDonald Susan Anne

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