💜 September 21 – 26 days old 💜

Pork Chop is back up in weight. We’re weighing in at 5 pounds 4 ounces. She has been pretty consistent with breathing and not too many desats. Doc stopped her caffeine and will monitor her to see if she stays consistent. Don’t want to push her too hard on the breathing seeing she’s still 4 plus weeks early, post op, and taking 25ish mls of her feeds by bottle like a big girl. Neurosurgery took 10 MLs of fluid our from her ventricles today. They will scan again on Monday and plan to tap once or twice a week depending on how fast her fluid builds. Lennyn is full of smiles today and it sure makes for happy hearts.

#LennynStrong #NoMoreBS #OneAndDone #Teamnoshunt#hydrocephaluswarrior



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