💜September 20th- 25 days old💜

We’re back in our room prior to surgery so Dad and I made some art work (mine looks like a 2 year old did it) and decorated Lennyn’s room a bit. We brought her age blocks and some faith angels. We won’t be going anywhere anytime soon so we mine as well make it more homie. We brought Lenn some fabulous clothes, blankets, and head accessories. The head accessories hide her reservoir and shaved head. Hard to see our little peanut with that but she looks FABULOUS none the less. Her 02 is down to 2 liters and only about 22 percent. She lost a little weight when she was NPO but nothing major. Waiting on a poop now. Feel bad for whoever gets the glory of changing that 2 day late diaper. Reservoir will still be tapped tomorrow. We need her to start eating on her own and breathing on her own now. She has zero interest in a bottle or boob and is still a little sleepy from anesthesia.

Edit: peek at Lennyn OVER me taking her picture

#lennynstrong #nomorebs #oneanddone #teamnoshunt @ St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital


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