💜 September 18th – 23 Days Old 💜

Lennyn’s reservoir was installed and the first batch of fluid was removed from her ventricles. She’s finally out of the OR and we’re waiting for her to be stabilized before being able to see her. The surgeon will wait to see where her fluid levels are via ultrasounds once or twice a week and draw fluid as needed. This reservoir will stay in a month or two to see if her body will start moving this fluid on its own before we make the decision on a shunt. We are praying along with the neurosurgeon that she will not need one, as a shunt is a lifetime device with many maintenance surgeries. No more brain surgeries, please. Today or tomorrow she will be off of her vent and hopefully we can slowly but surely start her feeds again. Seth and I are in the process of getting registered with the Ronald Mcdonald house here in Tampa. Will update ya’ll more tomorrow.

Oh: see picture for Lennyn’s first hair cut 😭😢




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