💜 September 16th – 3 weeks old 💜

Exactly 21 days ago we were extremely nervous as I went in for an emergency c section but our hearts were filled with an unimaginable amount of love the very instant we saw little 4 pound 4 ounce Lennyn for the first time. The nightmare was completely worth it. Every second of it. I would let anyone beat the hell out of my body again just to get her as the outcome.

Now 3 weeks and 4 pounds 12 ounces later, we are extremely nervous for a different reason. Today we mentally prepare for a reservoir to be installed tomorrow to drain the fluid on Lennyn’s brain.

Will update when we can tomorrow but I kindly request some privacy the next 24 hours and a lot of prayers. Keep Lennyn in your thoughts. She’s got this. She’s keeping all of us #LennynStrong




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