💜 September 15 -20 Days Old 💜

Just a quick update today and all good news ☺️ Little Lenny Lenn Lenn is weighing in at 4 pounds and 9 ounces. She is beyond excited her big sister is finally coming home today, as well as her Nini, Grampi, Aunt Olivia and Aunt Rachael. Caffeine is slowly stabilizing her o2 levels again. She still isn’t crazy about feeding. She only took about 5 mls from a bottle today so we are still very much relying on a feeding tube to fatten her up. Her Keppra dose seems to be doing the trick as she has not shown any additional seizure activity. Her renal scan showed her kidneys were “full” so they will do a repeat scan to rule out Pyelectasis/Hydronephrosis in a few days. Vascular wise her scan was unremarkable. No stenosis. HEY GIRL HEY!! We need EVERYONE on board for some HARDCORE prayers, vibes, good luck, shooting star wishing, Buddha tummy rubbing, positive energy for tomorrow’s brain scan. WE NEED SHOWN IMPROVEMENT OR NO CHANGE OF THE FLUID IN HER BRAIN IN ORDER FOR THEM NOT TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH SURGERY MONDAY. Of course we want it to look better, but at this point we will take a duplicate scan because the neurosurgeon is only operating if it is worse. We will know our fate tomorrow so be sure to be on the look out for that update. As always, thank you to everyone cheering her on and supporting us through this time. This will be a forever condition but we just want our baby to be stable enough to come home. Also, all we can say is Holy Shit in regards to the GoFundme and fundraising our family at The King Seat has kicked off for Lennyn that is still going! It is truly incredible. When Lennyn is finally stable enough to be discharged, and we are both able to return to work, she will need someone at our home with her while we work, to accommodate her special needs. This fundraiser is such a HUGE weight taken off of our shoulders knowing that there are means for this and any other medical requirements she may have while we are balancing parenting her and Ava. We can’t thank everyone enough. We are speechless at the amount of support from ya’ll. Even if you just shared Lennyn’s story – it means the world to our family. #LennynStrong



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