💜September 14th: 19 days old 💜

Lennyn is weighing in at 4 pounds 8 ounces. She is as beautiful as ever. Her o2 levels are still all over the place so they’ve put he back on caffeine which works as a lung stimulant. We’re hoping that stabilizes her breathing a little better. Her seizures also required her Keppra to be upped by 50 percent. The hematologist reviewed her MRI and does not think she has a bleeding disorder. He does not think the blood in her cerebellum is active at this point. This is something we will have to keep an eye on. The Neurosurgeon thinks something on top the the IVH and Hydrocephalus is the culprit of the bleeding in her brain. They are trying desperately to get us some answers. They are scanning her kidneys today to check for additional bleeding/vascular abnormalities. Due to my fibromuscular dysplasia, it has them wondering if Lennyn also has it, as it can cause bleeding in preemies like we are seeing for her. They think that this started In utero and was caused by my vascular disease and FMD. This kills me. I’m absolutely heart broken that my body potentially did this to hers. I feel at fault. I want to trade places with her. So today we wait for more imaging and then her next brain scan is Sunday which will be the deciding factor for surgery on Monday. A lot of you have asked about #LennynStrong shirts and we have them in the works so stand by! We also want to thank everyone again for the gofund me movement for Lennyn. We’re touched. We’re blown away. Your love and support are truly keeping our family #LennynStrong.


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