September 6th, 2018 – Lennyn is sick

Sigh. This sweet baby forever keeping us on our toes. Lennyn is sick. She’s had a fever for the majority of the day and has been spitting up her food. She has de-sated enough that it is a possibility the she’ll be back on oxygen tonight. Her color is marble-ish. My anxiety is through the roof. Things change so fast. We had an excellent visit tonight. She latched on and breast fed for a few minutes which is great progress. We knew her temperature had been high earlier in the day but it was better when we were there so we were hopeful she kicked whatever it was. When I called before bed, it feels like we took some steps back. They ordered cultures so we are just on standby. Praying for good news in the morning and trying desperately to get some much needed sleep. Asking for all those good vibes and prayers to be amped up again. ❤️ Lennyn is a fighter and we know she will get through this. My heart just hurts in the meantime.


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