August 31st, 2018 – My Ava Medicine

I haven’t seen Lennyn at all today which is heart breaking in itself. I have been battling high pressures all day and different IV medications have been given to try to lower my pressures fast, and to no avail. They brought an internal medicine doctor up to OB to take over my treatment and I just made one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make in the 5 days Lenn has been here. To effectively treat my eclampsia, I need to be on medications that are not baby safe. With that being said, i no longer am able to provide Lennyn with breast milk from here on out. I’m being moved to a telemetry unit where they are more equipped to monitor and treat my conditions. Ava has been in bed with be since 4 and my heart is as happy as it’s been in a while. My blood pressure has actually dropped while we’ve been laying together. My Ava medicine.

Lennyn is still under bilirubin lights. Breathing is still being supported by her cpap. The echo was repeated today and we will have results tomorrow. They attempted the PICC line again to no avail. My poor little lady is going to have to get stuck again just to get some more Ivs going. She is doing really well and we’ve had such a turn around since Tuesday. I can’t wait til I can be healthy enough to be reunited with her.



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