August 29th, 2018 – Lennyn Update

Today has been a much better day than yesterday. Our little lady has steadily been weaning off of oxygen successfully. We’re not talking huge changes, but she is responding to preemie steps. Fingers crossed that this pace continues and in weeks to come she will be off of breathing tubes.

The most exciting news today was that there was no significant damage to her heart as shown on the echo-cardiogram. She does have a valve open that is supposed to close once born, but this is common with preemies. We will have a repeat echo done in a few days to monitor the valve as we still need it to close and to keep an eye on her vascular condition.

Lennyn finally 💩 today so we have a working gastrointestinal system!

They upped her breast milk from 3mls every 6 hours to 3mls every 3 hours. I feel like a dairy cow at this point as it feels like we have enough milk for the next year. 😂 🐄

Last but not least, Lennyn got to visit with her big sister tonight for the first time in 2 days. As you can see in the picture from tonight, Ava still is in complete awe. These girls… I can’t even form a sentence to explain the amount of love. I am so proud of Ava during this transition, as well. Although homesick and missing her mom extreme amounts, she has been handling this situation beautifully and is my rock ❤️

Thank you again for cheering Lennyn on with us! We are blessed to have the support system that we have! We are looking forward to continued brighter days ahead.



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